The Ultimate Rules to Marketing Online

Now, what are the ultimate rules to marketing online? Since I ventured into online entrepreneurship, I have used variety of methods to win and retain customers for my online businesses.

Some worked and some didn’t. But the fun part of all these were that I learned along the way what marketing online really is and how to go about it.

I have helped so many entrepreneurs achieve great amount of success in marketing online and my experience with them has taught me a lot. I am going to share with you 5 ultimate rules any business whether selling products or services has to follow when it comes to marketing online.

Are you ready? Okay!

  1. Sell What People Want to Buy

Most people don’t take the time to learn how to sell things people want. As an online marketing expert, I have come across many people who approach me telling me about their products and services and how I can help them market it online.

Most times I try to explain to them that when you want to start an online business, you don’t first create the product before looking for buyers, you first identify hungry buyers in a specific market before creating the product or service.

This has been the backbone of all my online products and services I sell. I only sell what people are already looking for. I remember writing an eBook I thought people will buy because it was loaded with value.

Till date, I have only sold one copy. And this was bought by my very close friend then. I applied so many marketing strategies but people only showed interest but did not buy.

If you must make money online, you have to obey this marketing online rule. Sell what people want to buy and not what you want to sell because of a truth, nobody cares about your love for your product or service.

How do you know what people want to buy?

Do your research. Look for your target customers and look at what they are talking about. Go to online forums, social media platform groups and look at questions they are asking.

Doing that should give you a hint of what their problems are and how you can provide a solution and get paid for it.

  1. Understands that Everything Starts with Content

One best internet marketing tool is content. You need it to be able to sell. Absolutely, no one can say it is a lie. If you can provide high quality contents on what you do, people will naturally be drawn to you. I have seen this work so many times for me and for other online entrepreneurs.

I can’t tell you how many friends I have invited someone on Facebook after reading their post or subscribe to an email newsletter after reading their blog post. It works and that is why content will always remain king.

Your content is your best weapon to win potential customers to yourself especially if you don’t have the budget to build branding campaigns and engage in massive advertising.

If you don’t know how to create good content, you either learn how to or hire us to do it for you.

  1. Learn How to Sell

I can say this one million times. This is one ultimate rules to marketing online that you should not joke with. No matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t know how to sell, there is no way you can make money online. You have to learn how to be excellent at sales, master different sales techniques, learn how to start sales conversation and how to handle sales objections.

It is sales that brings the money. You must know how to sell your product and services through your blog post, social media post and inbox conversation. This is how people make money online, and this is one reason why I am only winning in sales.

If you really want to learn how to sell like a pro so you don’t get stranded without having client to work with irrespective of your niche, you can subscribe to Sales Room my free email newsletter where I mostly share content on content marketing and sales mastery.

  1. Use Different Techniques

Another ultimate rules when it comes to marketing online is, never rely on a single marketing tactic. The risks are too high if you put all your eggs in one basket. Take for example organic search engine optimization where you rank high in Google – you may be number one today in your main keyword but if Google updates their algorithm, you can get hit and lose as much as 80% of your traffic. Believe me, it is painful.

Make a list of many ways you can reach your target audiences online. You can use both paid and free together if you can. You can use different channels like;

  • Social media
  • PPC advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Organic search engine optimization.
  • Press release.
  • Article marketing etc.

There are many ways you can reach your audience, just go for the one that make most sense to you.

  1. Use the Rule of 5

Have you heard of the rule of 5 before? If your answer is no, let me explain to you what it is and how to use it to boost your sales.

The rule of 5 entails that you have to create a conversation with at least 5 people a day that qualifies as your target buyers. Remember I said, ‘target buyers’. This means you are not just talking to any 5 people but only the people that you know qualifies for the product or service you sell.

Constantly reach out to a minimum of 5 people a day either by phone, email or social media. I prefer social media because it works perfectly for me.

Search diligently for these people who need your talent the most. Build relationship and great value with them and offer your product or service.

Hope this help!

I will like to hear your thought or any question you might want to ask via the comment section. Thanks for your time!

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